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About Us

As an Indian countryman, we all know the great variety that this Indian land provides us with. A deep gratitude emerge out of us for this land and its people which are not just common people but they are who, which creates different side of their own. Yes, we are proud of Indian artisans and craftsman who take the toll on their shoulders to prove themselves in every kind from handmade crafts to imaginative and abstract ideas, they have put their blood and sweat into their creativity for which they have been paid very less and amusingly.
Both rural and urban locality is filled with potential and with our inner voice which says ???unveiling limitless potential of artisans??? beats in our heart every moment for the brotherhood we share in common. So, Billioncrafts has put out its research into forth this pity condition of our striving people who???s haven???t managed their pockets to fill our hearty desires. We have been maintaining a true relation with artisans and wanting them to reach their potential customers and buyers through us on our platform and we are the origin from this same mentality. We will proudly fill the world of both the artisans and their artlovers with huge delight because we think that making someone happy is a greatest gift to god and if we are successful on this propaganda, we are much more contented.
Let us remove all those middlemen who take their filthy share which they don???t even deserve, from the lives of these craftsman and make them much more free from all kind of burden whether its financial or potential.???crafted by hearts to define you??? is totally justified for the artisans who have also came with us to share their talent and to define you because it is YOU who will share this dream from us and our craftsman to go long on this fulfilling path.
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